Houston kitchen with dark luxury vinyl plank flooringEveryone loves the look of natural hardwood floors, and their beautiful, classic design is hard to beat. However, there are some limitations to where you can install hardwoods, including bathrooms, basements, and anywhere your flooring might be exposed to high levels of humidity and moisture. That’s where luxury vinyl plank flooring comes in. This great flooring option offers the great design of real wood and provides the benefits that the latest flooring technology has to offer. Learn more about what our team at Floor Coverings International Houston Heights has to say about this versatile flooring option below!


Similar to luxury vinyl tile, luxury vinyl plank is made of layers of durable vinyl, a design layer whose texture closely replicates natural wood, and finish that provides a tough, protective surface. The planks come in a range of shapes, sizes, and quality. On the less expensive side, the planks are often thinner and larger, whereas the higher end planks are made to replicate the look of individual pieces of wood. Overall, luxury vinyl planks are much less expensive than the natural hardwoods they replicate, and are available in just as wide a range of finishes.

Design and Applications

The design layer of vinyl plank flooring is comprised of a texture and image layer that creates the look and feel of real wood. With the technology available, it’s often hard to tell the difference between vinyl plank and the wood it imitates! From minimalist blond maple to dark and exotic walnut, this vinyl alternative offers a great selection of designs to choose from, so you sure to find the perfect floors that compliment your tastes. 

Another great feature about this flooring option is its versatility, and thanks to its durable construction, it can be installed anywhere in your home. Because they are vinyl, the planks perform exceedingly well anywhere moisture is an issue, including basements and bathrooms. It also works well in upstairs bedrooms and hallways where it provides a quieter and softer alternative to natural hardwood.


Caring for luxury vinyl plank is a simple task, and regular sweeping and mopping will help keep your floors looking their best. It’s important to avoid using vacuums with beater bars or hard plastic and metal attachments that could potentially damage the floor’s surface. For any spills, simply wipe the spill off the surface and clean with a damp mop or towel. Be sure to avoid using cleaners with harsh chemicals that could damage or discolor your vinyl flooring.

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To find out more about luxury vinyl plank, call Floor Coverings International Houston Heights to schedule your free design evaluation. We provide the greater Greater Heights, Montrose, Upper Kirby, Museum District, and Downtown areas with expert advice, great selection, and professional installation to help businesses and homeowners find the perfect flooring for their needs!

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