Bring timeless elegance to your home with natural stone tile! Floor Coverings International Houston Heights is proud to connect Houston Heights homeowners with a variety of natural stone tile options. Each natural stone has distinct beauty and versatility, but which is the best choice for your home?

Marble Tile

Iconic and sought-after, marble tile will bring enviable luxury to your home. Available in a variety of colors (including red, gray, white, and black), marble is unmistakable and stunning. The vein of marble provides striking contrast with the body of the stone.

marble tile houston heights

Slate Tile

Understated and durable, slate tile provides natural beauty wherever it’s installed. Slate is one of the hardest and least porous natural stones, giving it exceptional resilience to water damage and everyday wear-and-tear.

slate tile flooring houston heighta

Granite Tile

Granite tile is the perfect blend of distinctive beauty and durability. Granite tile is versatile in appearance, available in a variety of colors – including red, brown, white, and black. These colors are often blended together in the same stone, giving granite exceptional uniqueness in appearance.

granite tile houston heights

Travertine Tile

Used as a building material in ancient Rome, travertine will provide long-lasting beauty to any home. Travertine tile is typically creamy in coloring, offering natural and understated beauty to your home. More porous than granite and slate, travertine tile isn’t recommended for damp areas. Consider travertine tile for your kitchen or entryway.

travertine tile houston heights

Sandstone Tile

The warm palette and distinct wave-like pattern of sandstone tile make it a sought-after and popular option. Sandstone tile will provide a softer natural beauty than marble or slate. Sandstone is also physically softer, making it slightly less durable.

sandstone tile houston heights

Personalizing Your Natural Stone Tile

With any natural stone tile, you also have the option to personalize polish and finish. Polishing natural stone will give it a beautiful and eye-catching shine, enhancing the natural patterns within the rock. A honed finished, or unpolished finish, provides more understated beauty.

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