Houston Heights Engineered Hardwood

Hardwood flooring is a great addition to any home because it is durable, beautiful, and timeless. If you’re considering installing hardwood in your home, engineered hardwood is a great alternative! Unlike solid hardwood flooring, engineered hardwood can be installed in any room of the house including the kitchen or basement. While engineered hardwood is still real wood, it’s made differently than solid hardwood. Engineered planks are created by bonding multiple layers of wood together under extreme pressure and heat. At Floor Coverings International Houston Heights serving the greater Greater Heights, Montrose, Upper Kirby, Museum District, and Downtown area, we carry a wide selection of engineered hardwood flooring.

Benefits of Engineered Hardwood

  • Scratches and blemishes are an easy fix by sanding, making engineered hardwood flooring practical for high-traffic areas. This can be done a few times over the life of the floors.
  • The layers underneath provide durability and strength to make your investment last longer and are resilient to light moisture in bathrooms or kitchens.
  • Like solid hardwood, engineered hardwood is available in a variety of looks and can be stained many different colors.

Your Local Houston Heights Engineered Hardwood Experts

Ready to get to work and pick out the hardwood flooring of your dreams? Our design experts will help you choose the perfect floor for your desired look and needs, and our installation team will install your new floor quickly and efficiently. We partner with industry leading manufacturers to provide you with a quality selection of engineered hardwood floors at competitive prices. Contact us today to learn more about our services, to see our selection, or to schedule a free in-home consultation.

Photo Credit: Breadmaker