Houston living room with hand-scraped hardwood floors

Hand-scraped hardwood flooring is an increasingly popular choice here in the Houston Heights area thanks to its unique design and visual appeal. It’s a great choice for homeowners looking for hardwood floors with rustic yet refined charm.

Here at Floor Coverings International Houston Heights, we’re dedicated to helping our customers in the greater Houston Heights area find the perfect flooring for their needs. It’s no secret that hardwood flooring is a trend that’s here to stay, and hand-scraped hardwoods are no exception. Read on as we explore what you should know about hand-scraped hardwood flooring.hand-scrape flooring tool in houston

What is Hand-Scraped Flooring?

Hand scraping refers to a finishing technique that creates a worn texture on a hardwood floor’s surface. In this process, which dates back centuries, a skilled woodworker or flooring professional repeatedly passes sharp hand tools lengthwise along each plank to add texture to the wood. Unlike traditional hardwood flooring, whose surface is smooth and level, hand-scraped flooring has uneven grooves up and down along the wood grain and around knots.

Site-Finished and Prefinished Options Available

Most solid hardwood floors can be hand scraped on-site once they are installed. This finishing method works particularly well on planks larger than 5” in width with a more pronounced grain structure. If you have existing hardwoods, it’s a great option to consider if and when your floors require refinishing.

Due to this style’s popularity, many prefinished and engineered hardwood planks now come in a variety of scraped options. While not always done by hand, these prefinished planks come with a tough wear layer that gives your floors added durability to endure years of wear. Engineered hardwood floors also give you the benefit of added stability in areas with more moisture or fluctuations in humidity, such as bathrooms and basements.

Other Benefits to Consider

  • Because this finishing technique creates uneven, worn floors, you don’t have to worry about heavy foot traffic and everyday wear and tear as you would with traditional hardwoods.
  • Hand-scraped floors can be achieved with almost any wood species you desire, which is a great benefit if you already have hardwood floors in your home.
  • Maintaining your hand-scraped floors is simple, and requires only regular sweeping or vacuuming to keep them clean. The finish can even help hide dust and dirt better than traditional hardwood designs.

Learn More

If you’re ready to find out what hand-scraped floors will look like in your home, schedule your free in-home design consultation today with Floor Coverings International Houston Heights. We’ll bring our mobile showroom–complete with our great selection of flooring samples–right to your door!

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