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Carpet Installation with True Value

At Floor Coverings International, our Houston team is dedicated to bringing long-lasting value to your next carpet installation project. Whether you are looking to re-style your home or your commercial space could use a new, refurbished look, we are here to offer a huge selection of top-notch brands at competitive prices while providing impeccable service and a hassle-free customer experience.

Here’s how we bring you the best value:

  1. Stocking only the best-in-class carpet materials and brands
  2. Offering those materials and brands at an affordable price
  3. Meeting you on-site with a tailored and personal experience
  4. Keeping our promise to install carpets you can take pride in

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Why Choose Carpeting?

Carpeting goes along well with any interior design, adding a layer of warmth and comfort to any room in the house. Pleasant to the eye and soft to the touch, carpets bring feelings of coziness and relaxation to your place

Floor Coverings International works closely with renowned carpet manufacturers such as Shaw Floors and STAINMASTER to bring you the latest quality materials built to decorate your beloved home for years to come.

How to Choose the Right Carpet

When it comes to carpet installation, there is an endless variety of textures, patterns, and colors you can choose from. This abundance offers you the possibility to get really creative with your interior. Our knowledgeable design associates are always available to show you our vast selection of fibers and designs that will perfectly reflect your unique taste and lifestyle.

As you decide what carpet will look and feel best in your home, these are a few great choices to start with.

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Plush Carpet

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Plush carpet is a long-pile carpet choice that is super soft and cozy. This type of carpet is great for low-traffic rooms where you want to relax.

Frieze Carpet

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Because of its high-durability, frieze carpet is ideal for rooms where there is lots of activity. It is made of tightly twisted carpet fibers that provide a casual, shaggy look. Compared to other carpet cuts, it is a bit pricey though. Nonetheless, frieze offers great value for the money invested because once installed, it can last up to two decades.

Berber Carpet

Valued for its elegant looks, these carpets are made of thick, tightly woven yarn loops that create a low-pile texture. Because of its hardy properties, opting for Berber carpet installation throughout high-traffic areas of your home is an excellent choice.

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