Refinished Hardwood in Renovated Home

As part of the home renovations, this customer needed to match the existing oak hardwood floors in the living areas to some newly installed hickory pre-finished floors in the bedrooms. After many iterations, we came up with the right color that makes the house flow naturally.

New Carpet Installation

This customer needed to put his home on the market and after renting it for many years, the carpet needed to go. He trusted us to find the right carpet at a value price that will match the house. Our Design Associate went to work, chose the carpet and colors and when he came to…

Patterned Carpet

This customer wanted to use the back apartment in the newly purchased home as an Airbnb rental. He needed to replace the carpet but wanted something interesting yet affordable. So, we made sure we find the right choice a beautiful patterned carpet (Favored) from our 2020 Shaw's collection.   

Stair Runner for a Custom-Built Home

This design firm hired us to help their customer with stair runners for a custom-built home. Our Design Associate worked to get the right design within the budget and our craftsmen in installation and binding made sure every detail was perfect and delivered on time.

Refinished Hardwood Flooring Project

This customer is a home investor and wanted to sell this home that he has lived in for a couple of years. After suffering some moisture issues caused by heavy rain, we replaced a few damaged boards and sanded and refinished the living room and master bedroom, matching the color of the rest of the…

Tile Fireplace Surround

We worked with this young couple in choosing the right tile for their fireplace in their new home. The right price and beautiful accent for their living room.

Another Beautiful Stair Runner

Mom fell on the stairs, the son did it as well, but only until dad fell, he decided that stair runners were needed. Fortunately no injuries in this story, but do not wait; Stair runners are a safety feature for hardwood stairs. We install them in a week.

3 Floors in 1 Project

What a job! This couple had 3 different areas with new flooring! Hardwood Refinish Sarah was not completely sold on the color of the hardwood floors in the newly bought home. We worked for a few days, testing and mixing colors until they were fully happy with the results. We please our customers, no matter…

Patterned Carpet in Cypress

These customers were tired of the old boring carpet and wanted something interesting for their home. During our home consultation, we found the right product at the right price with Courage memory foam pad. Install was completed within a week.