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There are few cities as dynamic and evolving and Houston, and Floor Coverings International is here to meet the needs of those who are looking for a wide array of styles and materials for their flooring, whether it’s their home, office, or otherwise. We are here to guide your decision so that you don’t have to do it alone, as well.

One of the most incredible facts about our business is that you can get an in-home free estimate from one of our experts to help decide what flooring installation makes sense in the Houston, TX area, for you. Whether it’s carpet, hardwood flooring, laminate flooring, stone flooring, or another possibility – we are here to help and consult you, with pleasure.

Hardwood Flooring

Living room with beautiful hardwood after a flooring installation project in Houston, TX

These days, hardwood flooring is more in style than ever, and with good reason. There are many that praise hardwood flooring for its ability to increase resale value, while others praise the fact that there are more exotic hardwood floor designs available than ever. If you are interested in hardwood flooring installation that meets your unique needs and preferences, contact us ASAP for a free estimate.

Carpet Flooring

Carpet can go a long way to helping raise the comfort level of homes and offices worldwide, but that doesn’t mean that choosing the right carpet is easy. We know that choosing the carpet for your bedroom isn’t the same as choosing carpet for your staircase, and can help walk you through the unique features and benefits that make sense for you.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl hasn’t always been “in style”, but it seems to be making a comeback, and its durability is one of the reasons why. For those who don’t want to worry about the installation process, but simply are interested in offering the “look” of stone and/or wood but with more durability, vinyl flooring can make a whole lot of sense. If you want your visitors or customers to be visually stimulated, while still keeping your flooring affordable – vinyl flooring might be the choice for you.

Laminate Flooring

It’s hard to find more bang for your buck than laminate flooring, which is why it’s a great economical option for those who are interested. It also works to protect the floor more than others and has a fiberboard core that offers more stability than some other options, as well.

Eco-Friendly Flooring

There are more people concerned with the environment than ever, and with good reason, considering how important it is that we all make the right steps to help the environment. For those who are interested, there are other benefits to eco-friendly flooring, involving overall sanitation, that might help make the most sense not only ethically, but economically. We have an extensive amount of options when it comes to eco-friendly flooring installation that can help accentuate your home and/or business.

Commercial Flooring

We are here to service the needs of the Houston, TX, area, and make sure that businesses have the best flooring installation options available. Our experts can help to make sure that your business gets the best deal, given our relationship with manufacturers, and are happy to pass the savings onto you.

Other Flooring

While the aforementioned options might be the most popular with regards to overall flooring installation, that doesn’t mean that they are the only options. There are still many other possibilities for your home, business, or otherwise, including sisal, rubber, linoleum, and more. Contact us for more information.

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We know that Houston is a unique city, and your unique needs have to be met by a company that is locally trusted but has connections with the kind of manufacturers that can get yo the best deal. Floor Coverings International truly allows those in Houston, TX, to get the highest quality flooring installation for the best price possible. Contact us today for more guidance and a free estimate.

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