Prefinished Hardwood Flooring at Floor Coverings International in Houston, TX

Floor Coverings International of Houston, TX, Is a Leading Provider of Prefinished Hardwood Flooring

Houston homeowners are discovering what many families have known for years: prefinished hardwood flooring is an excellent option that saves time and energy without sacrificing quality and aesthetics. At Floor Coverings International, we work with the industry’s most respected manufacturers to provide you with prefinished hardwood floors you and your family will love for years to come.

Why Prefinished Hardwood?

  • Easy Installation — Because prefinished floors are expertly finished in a factory setting, they  don’t have to be sanded and finished on-site. This makes for an ease of installation without any of the mess and noise of finishing in the home.
  • Quick Installation — With most of the heavy work done in advance, the installation itself is far simpler. Also, because you won’t have to wait for a recently applied finish to cure, you can enjoy your new floors right away!
  • Highly Durable — Prefinished flooring has multiple layers of finish and strengtheners, so they tend to me more durable than floors that are finished on-site.
  • Less Maintenance — The thorough prefinishing process means your new floors will suffer less damage over time, requiring fewer repairs. While they will have to be refinished like any other hardwood floors, prefinished hardwood is less susceptible to stains and moisture damage.
  • Non-Toxic — Finishing requires the use of smelly chemicals. By having your floors finished in advance off-site, you can keep these toxins away from your home’s environment.
  • Aesthetics — Prefinished hardwood brings out the natural beauty of hardwood that homeowners love. Our expert installers will make sure that your new floors will work flawlessly with your home’s unique design.
  • Highly Versatile — When opting for prefinished hardwood, you won’t make any sacrifices when it comes to variety. At Floor Coverings International, we offer a broad selection of species in colors and styles that are sure to match your home. Our catalogue includes several varieties of hardwoods as well as engineered versions.

Your Flooring Professionals

Still not sure about prefinished hardwood? Not a problem! We’re the flooring experts for all kinds of homes, and we’d love to show you an array of hardwood flooring options that are available to you. To learn more flooring, and about our enormous selection of prefinished hardwood, contact Floor Coverings International Houston today for a free consultation!

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