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Upgrade Your Home With Beautiful New Cherry Hardwood Floors in Houston and the Surrounding Areas!

There’s nothing quite like new hardwood floors. And when it comes to hardwood, perhaps the most elegant is cherry wood flooring. At Floor Coverings International of Houston, TX, we have the materials and expertise to ensure that you get the cherry hardwood flooring you’ve always wanted.

A Few Reasons Homeowners Love Cherry Hardwood

  • Classic Style — Cherry’s beautiful dark, rich texture adds classic elegance to any home.
  • Fantastic Acoustics — Cherry hardwood delivers a warm room tone that responds brilliantly to conversation and music.
  • Smooth Appearance — Its smooth surface is visually appealing and pleasant to walk on.
  • Low Maintenance — Cherry wood flooring doesn’t collect grime or dirt the way other floors do, and requires little more maintenance than sweeping.
  • Adaptable Style — Whether you prefer a classic look or something more contemporary, cherry hardwood will always enhance your home’s style.

Not sure what type of hardwood flooring you prefer? We’ve got you covered with a variety of different cherry hardwoods.

Cherry Hardwood Varieties

  • Brazilian
  • Asian
  • Bolivian
  • American

No two types of cherry hardwood are the same and will vary in terms of hardness, grain pattern, color, and other considerations. One of the most popular choices today is Brazilian. If you want a hardwood, you’ll love Brazilian cherry as it has an open grain that resembles oak, but with twice the hardness. American cherry, on the other hand, is on the softer side of the Janka hardness scale.

Cherry Hardwood Installation

At Floor Coverings International, we’re experts in all kinds of flooring and installation. Whatever type of home you have, our team of professionals will walk you through your cherry wood flooring options so that you know you’re getting the perfect floors you’ve always wanted.

Because cherry has closed pores, it can be more challenging to finish than other types of hardwood. If you require finishing for your new floors, our skilled craftsmen can ensure that they’re finished cleanly and evenly so that they’ll look and perform their best!

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