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We provide premium stair carpet runners in Houston, TX

When it comes to floor upgrading, stairs are an often overlooked detail in the home, especially if only one floor is being renovated. On the other hand, stairs can be an essential piece to complete your overall look of the interior design, but more importantly, this area of the home should not be ignored for safety reasons. We always recommend stair carpet runners to transform your space.

Carpet stair runners

The benefits of installing stair carpet runners are that they provide a functional aspect and add an additional layer of warmth and style to the interior. Stair runners protect the floors that they cover while providing extra traction, reducing the likelihood of slips and falls.

As there are many options to choose from, it is pretty easy to find stair carpet runners that fit your home perfectly. Just like other carpet products, they come in different formats in terms of weave, material, or pile type. Should you wish to cover the whole tread of your stair, you can also opt for protective materials such as plastic coverings.

Although stair runners do come in various widths, the industry standard is 27” or 32”. However, which one you choose is simply a matter of preference. Typically, clients like to leave about 4” on either side of the runner.

Installation of stair carpet runners

The installation method and the use of rods is another preference you might want to consider. There is the waterfall method, one which requires the use of stair rods to keep the runner against the back of the tread. Nonetheless, the upholstered method seems to be more common. It includes a slightly longer runner because it is tacked to fit around the edges of the staircase, on the surfaces where the tread meets the riser.

If you are worried about using a stair runner if your staircase is open, meaning there is no physical riser, the runner can be installed to wrap the entire step.

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