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Find Frieze Carpeting For Your Home at Floor Coverings International of Houston, TX

If you’re considering new carpeting for your Houston home, there is no shortage of great options. Before committing to this new investment, you should consider frieze carpet as a potential option for your home. Offering a combination of benefits unavailable in other carpet styles, frieze has become one of the most popular types of flooring throughout the Houston area.

The Unique Qualities of Frieze Carpeting

If you’re unfamiliar with frieze carpets, it’s a carpeting style that’s similar to what once was known as “shag” but with generally thinner carpet strands. Pronounced “free-zay”, frieze carpets are cut pile, but with a tighter twist than similarly textured carpeting. It’s the higher number of twists per strand (7 to 9 twists as opposed to the 3 to 4 twists of styles such as Saxony) that allow each strand to fall and curl in different directions, providing frieze with the shaggy quality that homeowners find so appealing.

The Benefits of Frieze

Frieze is a practically trackless type of carpeting. Busy homes that see a lot of traffic don’t have much of an impact on the appearance of frieze carpets because footprints and vacuum tracks are nearly invisible. Requiring very little maintenance, the full, lush style of frieze makes it perfect for uneven floors as well, as they will make a room look more level.

Highly durable, the soft strands of frieze carpeting create a very comfortable home environment. This also results in a relatively casual appearance that works aesthetically with a wide variety of different home décor.

Cleaning May Be a Challenge

Perhaps the only downside of frieze carpet is that it can be difficult to clean. You may find it harder to vacuum out dirt that’s gotten embedded within or below the strands, and liquids can spread more easily than more tightly constructed dense carpeting. On the plus side, stains are less visible amid the long, curled strands, so they’re less likely to impact your carpet’s appearance.

Will Frieze Work For Your Home?

If you’d like to learn more about frieze carpeting, reach out to the experts at Floor Coverings International Houston Heights. We have an impressive collection of premium carpeting and other flooring materials, and we’d love to help you find out if frieze is right for you. To learn more, contact us for a free consultation today!

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