One timeless flooring look that provides style and practicality is stone. It is perfect for any home searching for a more modern look. With so many different types of stone that Floor Coverings International Houston Heights carries, it is practically customizable for any Houston Heights home. Do you want large, uniform slabs? Or would small, mosaic tiles better fit your aesthetic? Consider factors such as foot traffic, children, pets, moisture, and lighting before picking out one of the following stone tiles for your home.


Sleek, elegant, and characterized by beautiful veins and splashes, granite is a great option for a home wanting a dramatic statement. This material is extremely durable to scratches and stains. It repels water on the surface, making it a truly practical floor even in busy homes. But the durability comes from how hard the stone really is. Granite is the hardest material you would put on your floors and that is something to keep in mind when thinking about the frequency of when you’ll be standing on it. Granite is good for an entry or a room with a lot of heavy furniture but maybe not for a kitchen where you’re likely to be on your feet the most.


Travertine is an extremely popular flooring option with a distinct matte finish, giving it a warm, rustic quality. The spongy texture is naturally porous, making it a more forgiving flooring option than the harder stone varieties. Because of the holes in its formation you’ll want to be sure to get a good seal so that it doesn’t absorb water and risk its lifespan. Some homeowners will choose to fill in the holes for extra durability as well as a more uniform look, while still maintaining the natural look of the stone. We recommend a honed finish that holds onto the beautiful brown, tan, and red hues you’ll find in the natural stone.


It exudes elegance and class with its beautiful large veining and speckling. It comes in a variety of bright, natural colors that would open up any space you installed it in. It is prone to staining and scratching so it is essential that you invest in a high quality seal such as a silicone based impregnator to prolong the life of your marble. There are varied finishes you can add to your marble but a natural, low-sheen look will be the most practical for a busy home. The shining polished look is undeniably beautiful and classic but it can be very slippery and might work better as a counter top or backsplash. Embrace the natural look of marble and you’ll have a beautiful, everyday floor.

There are many other natural stone options to browse such as limestone, quartzite, or slate and each one will bring a natural, modern, and elevated look to your home. As a natural resource, no two stones will look the same. But that’s only another benefit that keeps your floor interesting and as an easy conversation starter. Give us a call at Floor Coverings International Houston Heights for a free in-home consultation to try out a few different stone floors.

Photo: © Enrique Ramos