cork flooring in houston kitchen

Here at Floor Coverings International Houston Heights, we’re dedicated to helping home and business owners in the greater Greater Heights, Montrose, Upper Kirby, Museum District, and Downtown areas find the perfect flooring for their needs. We carry a wide array of flooring materials that can get the job done, no matter the project size or budget. That includes cork flooring, which boasts many great features and benefits as a natural flooring solution. But is it right for you? Let our flooring experts help you decide!

Cork Is An Eco-Friendly Flooring Material

For anyone looking for a sustainable flooring solution, cork is definitely one to consider. Cork is a natural material that comes from the outermost layer of bark on the cork oak tree. Similar to bamboo, whose root system is not removed when harvested, cork’s harvesting process does not kill the plant, meaning cork can be harvested many times throughout the life of the tree.

It’s Rather Versatile

Most cork flooring comes in a tile-like format with either a glue-down or click-and-lock construction making installation quick and easy. The click-and-lock tiles can even be installed over an existing floor, provided it’s level and free of damage. It’s durable enough for busy households and tough enough to withstand foot traffic in business settings.

It Resists Water

Unlike most other wood flooring materials, cork does not easily absorb water, making them a great choice for areas with water or high humidity. It’s naturally resistant to mold and mildew, which can damage your floors and cause unwanted irritants to fill a room. This makes it a great candidate for kitchens, bathrooms, and basements, or any place where moisture is a factor.

Other Points to Consider:

  • Depending on the needs of your space, cork can be more expensive than other flooring materials.
  • Because cork’s surface is softer than hardwood or tile, prolonged pressure from heavy furniture can cause permanent indentations. We recommend the use of furniture pads and occasionally rearranging your furniture to prevent indents.
  • Cork flooring may become gradually discolored over time through continuous exposure to sunlight. If you prefer the softness and ease of maintains cork offers, consider wood-look luxury vinyl in rooms that receive copious amounts of direct light.

Want to Learn More?

If you want to find out if cork is the right choice for your home or business, get in touch with your local flooring experts at Floor Coverings International Houston Heights today to schedule your free design consultation. We’ll bring our Mobile Showroom with our complete selection of flooring samples right to you to help you find the best flooring solution for your needs! Get started on your next flooring project today!

Photo credit: © Joe Ferrer