Houston Heights HardwoodHardwood floors are a classic look that work in almost every room of the house. Regardless of the color, style, or type of wood chosen, hardwood flooring will add an elegant and sophisticated look to any home. Searching for the perfect hardwood can be a bit overwhelming, but it’s an important decision to make! While classic looks are always a good choice, there are many new and modern ways to install your hardwood floors. Take a look below to see a few hardwood trends to consider from the experts at Floor Coverings International Houston Heights!

1. Colored Hardwoods

There are more hardwood options available today besides light and dark wood. Gray has become a popular option because it provides a neutral color with a more modern look to it. Whitewashing hardwood is another popular technique for homeowners who want a light hardwood that is out of the ordinary. You can even install hardwoods that are tinted or completely painted a different color such as blue or green.

2. Matte Finishes

While glossy finishes may have been more popular in the past, we are seeing a lot more matte finishes. One benefit of a matte finish is that it can help to hide flaws and scratches easier than a glossy finish would.

Houston Heights Hardwood3. Patterns

While patterns may seem outdated, they are coming back in a modern way! Dated parquet hardwoods have been given a twist with chevron and herringbone patterns. Another popular pattern option is to play with different widths of hardwoods.

4. Distressed, Hand-Scraped, or Reclaimed

Distressed and hand-scraped hardwoods add a vintage and unique look to your home. These textured hardwoods are distressed or hand-scraped by machines to look like old wood. Reclaimed wood is the real deal. Wood from old houses or barns are reclaimed and used as new hardwood flooring. This is great for homeowners looking for an eco-friendly option!

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Photo Credit: PlusONE