houston heights hardwood flooring

Our customers love the timeless look and feel of hardwood flooring. Hardwood has been a constant in American homes before our country’s founding, and it is no surprise; hardwood is readily available, durable, and gorgeous. Despite its many benefits, hardwood flooring is not recommended for water-prone spaces because it can cause the wood to warp with time. After the floods in the past 2 years in many hardwood floors in Houston were ruined. Luckily, Greater Heights, Montrose, Upper Kirby, Museum District, and Downtown area homeowners can get the look of hardwood without worrying about water. Here are three hardwood look-alikes for your home:


Significant advancements have been made in tile manufacturing in recent years, leading to more life-like, natural replicas of common hardwoods. “Wood-look” tile has surged in popularity because it looks like hardwood but it can safely be used in any room. Tile is cool to the touch, making it perfect for hot Houston summers. If you own a pool, this is a great option for your entryway—no need to stress about wet bathing suits!

Luxury Vinyl

Luxury vinyl can be printed to mimic any hardwood, luxury vinyl flooring consists of 100% PVC plastic. These segment is experiencing tremendous growth because technology has developed to create stunning visuals and a great variety of products. Vinyl floors are great for high-traffic areas because of their durability. They are the choice for pet owners. Their foam layer makes them springier than hardwood and an excellent choice for bathrooms and kitchens, or main living areas where you stand for extended periods of time.


The most common wood look-alike, laminate, has been around since the 1970s. It has become increasingly popular in American homes because of its durability and affordability. Laminate consists of layers of wood byproduct with a vinyl top layer. It can be printed with any design imaginable: wood, stone, brick. High-quality laminate is manufactured to have more “randomness,” rendering your laminate floors indistinguishable from authentic hardwood. Although it tends to be affected by water, newer technology from the major manufacturers of laminate has made them much more resistant.

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