Tile flooring is well-loved in Upper Kirby homes for its durability, versatility, and low maintenance. However, every floor needs a solid cleaning now and then. When it comes time to clean your tile flooring, Floor Coverings International® of Houston has a few maintenance tips and tricks to help protect your investment for years to come.

tile floor cleaning Upper Kirby

Sweep and Mop

Luckily, tile is fairly easy to clean and maintain. During daily chores, simply sweep your tile floor free of any dirt and debris. For those times when you want to give your flooring a deep clean, we recommend always using a damp sponge mop or soft rag. Never use something more abrasive, which may dull or scratch your tile surface. Add a small amount of hot water, non-soapy detergent, and clean away!

If you want to utilize a cleaning agent or disinfectant, it’s very important to first consider what type of tile flooring you have. Non-porous tiles like glass, ceramic, and porcelain are less sensitive material. On the other hand, porous natural stone tile, like granite or travertine, may be more susceptible to damage from certain cleaners. Invest in a cleaner specifically made for tile or one that is neutral, non-acidic, and non-alkaline. Also, we always recommend testing your cleaning method on a small, discrete section of your flooring before cleaning the entire surface.

Don’t Forget the Grout

Clean grout lines are the icing on the cake for a beautifully clean tile floor. Grout lines are where dirt and grime are most likely to build up. If your tile floors need that next level of clean, pair a toothbrush with baking soda and some elbow grease – scrub away the dirt and grime to achieve the cleanest grout!   tile flooring cleaning Upper Kirby

Avoid the Haze

After a solid session of cleaning in your Upper Kirby home, the last thing you want to see is a leftover hazy or filmy appearance on the surface of your tile floor. Frequently switch out your dirty mop water for fresh, clean water. Dirty water means a cloudy floor! Additionally, during your final steps of cleaning, avoid letting your tile floors air dry. Standing water can add a layer of haze. Take an extra step and dry the entire surface with a clean cloth for perfectly clean tile floors.

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