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Here at Floor Coverings International, we are focused on you – your vision for your home or business, your aesthetic, and your design goals. When a customer walks through our doors, our goal is to fully deliver on each flooring installation project. We work day in and day out to make sure your flooring installation goes above and beyond your dreams and everything you envisioned for your space.

What sets us apart from other flooring installation companies out there is our approach. We understand that each property is unique in its own way. That is why we take on each project with a clean slate. Our professionals work with clients to deliver their vision by offering their professional opinion and experience. This personalized approach makes a huge difference in client satisfaction and overall quality of the work we deliver. The end product is sure to go above and beyond your expectations. Let’s take a closer look at what we do in Houston, TX.

Three-Step Method

We have made choosing the right flooring installation for your space very easy. We did this by creating a three-step process that ensures success.

This is how it works:

Understand. Every single one of our flooring installation projects starts with a face-to-face conversation. One of our designers will meet you on site to discuss options. With them, they will bring out Mobile Showroom in order to help you pick the flooring option that works best with your property. The goal is to meet your aesthetic and ensure we are delivering flooring that is in line with your design vision.

Plan. Planning is essential. Once you have met with our designer and decided about what you would like to do, one of our Project Coordinators will reach out to you with a detailed plan that will include the financials and delivery and installation timeline.

Install. Once a project proposal has been approved, we can start creating the flooring of your dreams. Your designated Project Coordinator will oversea the whole process and ensure the end product is exactly what you were looking for. You will have the opportunity to take a final look and voice any concerns you may have at that time.

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